05 MAR 12

Luc Mariaux

Luc Mariaux

Luc Mariaux, Directeur adjoint des systèmes d’information, École Centrale de Lyon, Co-Président du Comité Local d’Organisation www2012

What has motivated you to develop Lyon Capitale du Web ? It is quite unusual for a conference as important as www2012 to be organized in a provincial town.

When we decided to apply, we figured we had to make a capital city out of Lyon, by insisting on the local web and by making the region shine. Our first idea was to organize the conference at the same place as the Colloque International des Universités à L’Ere du Nomérique (CIUEN), as both the events are aimed at complementary groups, who have similar interests. All this should lead to the creation of a major ferment of talks and sharing.

Another of our wishes was to open this event to the rest of the territory. After all, the inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, doesn’t come to Lyon every day ! We have therefore decided to open some parts of the conference to the public, that is to take some of the actions outside of the conference.

The territorial communities, which are very interested in being linked to this subject, take an active part into the creation of an “off the Web” program.

The numeric show, which is being held at the same time, is also an exceptional event…

Indeed, instead of organizing two shows, one within the framework of the conference (in which the major sponsors are usually to be seen) and the other within the framework of the CIUEN (in which software and services suppliers of the world of universities are to be found), we are going to set up only one show, which will be much larger, and which will be open to both professionals and the public. Thus, the different players of the numeric, no matter if they are big companies or local firms, will be able to benefit from the situation in order to gain a reputation on an international scale.

Are the students of the University of Lyon also involved in wwww2012 ? The PhD students, who are part of the institutional public of the conference, can submit publications and presentations in several areas.

The students who are studying to get a Master or a Licence, and who don’t usually come to such scientific conferences, might find an interest in following some displays. In order to encourage them to come, calls for projects have been made at the University of Lyon, and they can enter for preferential rates. Within the framework of the “off” program, we are also looking into associating students of high schools and junior high schools to the conference. Nowadays, the Internet is used by everyone, and this is why we are willing to give the conference a new impulse, by associating it to all kinds of people.