27 MAR 12

birthday special Apéro!


Mark the date!

The next networking meeting will mark the 1st year of existence of the Apéros Ambassadeurs. On this occasion, we are expecting you at the Baràgones, a wine bar, with a terrasse, 4 rooms and several bars to greet all of you.

Program of the evening:

Preview of ONLYLYON ON TOUR 2012 !

This Apéro will also be the occaison for the Ambassadeurs TIC to meet before www2012.

Are you new in the network ?

The concept of the Apéros is very simple. It is a moment of networking every 1st tuesday of the month, where everybody comes whenever he wants, with no registration. One pays his own drinks, and the event is limited to 200 people.

The Apéros are organized by Anne Prost, an Ambassadrice. She is looking for 4 Ambassadeurs who might help her greet new comers. Contact her directly through her ad on the network +

Le Baràgones

5 Place Saint-Paul / Vieux Lyon Bus C3
Plan d’accès +